Unlock your Truth

Unlock you truth to answer life’s two most important questions: who must I be and what must I do?

Think about the stunning reality that out of seven billion people on earth there is only one of you. You have never existed before, are not replicable today, and will never be repeated .. ever. That’s powerful stuff. What do you feel when you read this truth? You can ignore it as some touchy feely nonsense, crack a quick smile and get on with your business, or you can sit down for a few minutes and think through what this means for your life.

When I first understood this marvelous revelation, it caused me to take stock of my life.

I felt awe, mixed with deep joy and a profound sense of responsibility, followed by a feeling of panic as I wondered whether I had wasted years of my life not answering these two questions. As I focused on finding out what this meant for my life, I settled into a steady rhythm of discovery, understanding, application and expression.

I grew up at a time when it was common to be reminded by teachers, bosses and the sergeant major that, “You’re anybody special – I’ll replace you in a heartbeat!”, often embellished with choice expletives. Remember those cutting words?

But when our gorgeous daughter was born, it was as if a whole other universe opened up in our hearts. As I stared at this incredible creation, I couldn’t find the words to express how I felt and what I thought, but I clearly remember understanding immediately that she is one-of-a-kind. She’s unique! As it says in the definition above: unlike anything else, remarkable, special and unusual.

From that day forward, I chose to reject the lie that anybody is replaceable – what rubbish!

I am fully convinced that one of the markers of this century will be a celebration of individual uniqueness. Not in light, surfacy ways, but with an understanding that uniqueness is the real value you add to our world. If you don’t be and do you, a gap will be created that’s never filled for all eternity.

We’re finally at a time in history where it is possible for countless people to discover, understand and express their true selves in meaningful, powerful ways.

Whether in a family, church, school or business, it’s your responsibility to answer the two questions above. Why? Because your uniqueness is your truth! And nobody can take that away from you. You’re a singular fragrance existing for a brief moment in time to bring God glory and be a blessing to everyone you meet.

I trust after reading this, you too will pause to ask yourself who you must be and what you must do with your one short life.